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Learning center & statistics

€ 55 Million to help on issues that worry parents the most.

The EU will have a new Safer Internet Programme as of 1 January 2009. Following the overwhelmingly positive vote on 23 October in which the European Parliament expressed its support for the new Safer Internet Programme (IP/08/1571), the Council of Ministers has adopted today the new Programme.

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Did you know...

  • 90% of all 8-16 year olds have viewed porn online (most while doing homework)
  • 80 % of all 15-17 year olds are having multiple hard-coer pornography exposures
  • The average age of internet pornography exposure is 11
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Tools & Methods

What effect does media exposure have on our children?

The latest edition of Adam Thierer's PFF special report on "Parental Controls and Online Child Protection: A Survey of Tools & Methods" is now up. For those not familiar with the report, it explores the market for parental control tools, rating schemes, education and media literacy efforts, and various other tools, methods, and initiatives aimed at promoting online child safety.

"The best answer to the problem of unwanted media exposure is for parents to rely on a mix of technological controls, informal household media rules, and, most importantly, education and media literacy efforts."
Adam Thierer's PFF special report

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Porn stats from around the world

Pornography is truly a "global thing". Countries all over the world struggle to handle the negative sideeffects of pornography. Below you can se an overveiw of excepts taken from media around the world concerning pornography.

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The Byron review

While children are confident with the technology, they are still developing critical evaluation skills and need our help to make wise decisions

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